Aalto Media Lab Winter Demo Day will be streamed live on December 16, 2020 starting from 14:00 (UTC +2). The event presents projects created by students and faculty members of Aalto Media Lab, School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University.




17:30 brale (Anze Bratus)
18:10 _ б е л к а (Bailey Polkinghorne)
18:50 Eero Johannes (Eero Pitkänen)
19:30 Simon Lemont (Simon Fankhauser)
20:40 pulu (Miranda Kastemaa)

Connect with the Aalto Media Lab Community

Join us on our Discord server to connect with the members of the community. Chat about the projects, see some familiar faces, or even come ask us questions about our studies!

Click the following invite link to join the server: https://discord.gg/43BPW6m8D2

Meet the Creators

The following projects presented during the event offer the possibility to meet the creators. Some of these happen via Zoom, some on Discord. Please see the details on the project page for each project.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Beetle Royale

Brandon Startz, Toni Sariola, Nils Qvis, Ivar Kerajarvi, Petter Nissinen, Mai Trosterud

Escape the Night

Joaquin Rossi, Elina Eskelinen, Toom Tragel, Mikael Jaakkola, Niklas Alenius, Prabhav Bhatnagar, Emeline Jouvencel, Adam...

The Healer

Noora Heiskanen, Tatu Heinämäki, Matias Koskimies, Navid Bayat, Rongzhi Liu

Words Left Unsaid

Antti Mäkipää, Laura Rantonen, Rolands Tiss, Jesse Nukarinen, Virpi Väinölä, Pietu Arvola, Kaan Ünlü