Flux Island

Flux Island is a collaboration between Aalto Media Lab and Cultural Center of Vuotalo gathering an exhibition, workshops, audiovisual performances /Ääniaalto V.

The production was a student driven initiative connecting Media Lab know-how to both diverse and fascinating suburbs located in the Eastern part of Helsinki.

The main agenda of “Flux Island” is to create engagement within Vuosaari community while discussing ongoing theme of “The Maritime Helsinki”. Vuotalo enfolded their space to introduce latest and old technology in a playful manner through artistic practises.

Meanwhile the mission is to take creativity and talent outside the walls of institutions and hierarchical structures, the dialogue with community and its inhabitants was built. The elements of co-creation and makers culture were found both among the participants of the Flux Island production and the ones taking part of the workshops and the events.

Through these interventions the curiosity and understanding between the practitioner and the audience are evoked. The discourse on the spectator and the user are on their explorations, waiting to be renegotiated.

Flux Island was made under the supervision of Matti Niinimäki.

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Roee Cohen
Otso Havanto
Ameya Chikramane
Miranda Kastemaa
Reishabh Kailey
Anze Bratus
Shreyasi Kar
Matti Niinimäki

Punit Hiremath
Mirya Nezvitskaya
Philippe La Grassa
Gurden Batra
Niko Tiainen
Camilo Sanchez
Liisi Soroush
John Lee
+ amazing people at Vuotalo and Vuosaari