Book presentation

Book presentation: Interwoven – Exploring Materials and Structures by Maarit Salolainen

Wednesday 30 OCTOBER, 17h00–21h00
VENUE: Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA), Ahertajantie 5, Espoo

The book presentation of Interwoven – Exploring Materials and Structures written by Maarit Salolainen takes us on a journey to the world of woven textiles and shared textile stories at the Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA).

The book offers an introduction to the core of constructed textile design. This is done by encouraging exploration into woven structures and their interplay with different materials – fibres and yarns, and inspiring to tell textural, tactile stories through textiles. It illustrates a new pedagogical method for woven textile design studies; from basic weave structures to multi-layered constructions and digital jacquard design, from experimenting and exploring to industrial manufacturing, and from conceptual to professionally coordinated fabric collections.

Interwoven – Exploring Materials and Structures has grown from creative director and Aalto University professor Maarit Salolainen’s teaching practice and design expertise, and includes sections written by textile design lecturers Maija Fagerlund, Anna-Mari Leppisaari and professor Kirsi Niinimäki, who is a leading expert in sustainable fashion and textiles. The fascinating story of textile practices, fabrics, fibres and yarns, their past and present, and their cross-cultural roles, meanings and influences are interwoven through presentations of Aalto ARTS design students’ work. These emotionally rich, tactile textile stories are photographed by Eeva Suorlahti. The book will be published by Aalto ARTS Books.